Introducing IMPACT – the revolutionary new protective headgear for rugby and other impact sports players.

Multiple studies have shown how dangerous rugby can be, especially in children with growing and developing skulls and brains, but also older, even professional rugby players. They run the risk of concussion, cauliflower ear, cuts and bruising, hearing damage, brain swelling and even brain injuries every time they run onto the field. Studies show that small children as young as 12 are experiencing concussions and ear injuries as a result of violent collisions during rugby games.

Cauliflower ear happens because of blunt force trauma to the ear. The medical term is auricular hematoma and occurs when the outer ear swells and reddens due to the accumulation of blood around the cartilage and the tissues around it. If left untreated, the cartilage in the ear dies and new cartilage starts to form. This healing and regeneration process is what leads to uneven cartilage formation and deformity of the ear. This condition is becoming increasingly prevalent in professional rugby players, even though the correct headgear can prevent it.

IMPACT headgear is specifically designed for rugby and Rugby League players, both male and female. It is made to fit comfortably around the head and easily cover the ears, offering all-round protection for rugby players, young and old. IMPACT headgear meets all the requirements for headgear set out by the International Rugby Board (IRB) and is used by leading national and international rugby players worldwide, including South Africa’s very own Victor Matfield.

What gives IMPACT a unique edge is that their headgear is completely customisable, making your team, club or individual player stand out on the field. Whether we’re supplying a club, a whole school or individual players, our service can’t be beaten. Whether it’s your school’s name, your club’s logo, or any other design you can think of you want on it, IMPACT headgear is stylish and fashionable, as well as the best protection for your head during a game.

Another study, published by the BMJ has scientists calling for World Rugby to make protective headgear compulsory in all levels of rugby. A study done to determine the amount of protection these head guards offer showed that some brands decreased the impact of the force by as much as 47%. Considering how violent and physical rugby can get, especially when you start reaching professional levels, it becomes clear that all the protection you can get is crucial.

Manufactured in Australia, where they are known to take no nonsense, by a world leader in custom designed head guards, IMPACT SPORT’s focus is a holistic approach towards the enhancement of safety and support in sport. IMPACT headgear has been shown to significantly decrease impact force to the head, reduce the frequency of injuries including concussion and also protects against superficial head injuries like cuts and bruising.

IMPACT headgear is available in four different sizes to fit all ages and shapes, from a junior to a senior level. The smaller design and contoured fit allows for superior comfort, while the customised, flexible closed-cell foam padding provides maximum protection. The interlocked panel design helps to distribute the force of the impact, absorbing the shock before it reaches the head. It is ultra-lightweight and the optimised vented design helps keep players cool on the field. The adjustable chin strap keeps the headgear secure and the adjustable laces at the back make sure the fit is perfect.

IMPACT offers a full range of protective rugby gear, including body protection, such as shoulder pads and arm and bicep guards, rugby gloves/mitts, customised rugby balls for training and matches, as well as shoulder guard vests for ultimate protection. IMPACT protective rugby gear will make sure that your team looks the best, plays the best and has the best protection against injuries on the field.

It is clear that some form of head protection on the field is vital, and we can’t afford to let our rugby players keep putting themselves and their health at risk. Choose IMPACT today for the best impact trauma protection available. Contact 082 770 5310 or email for orders and enquiries.